Winter is finally upon us 🙁

Here’s a great inspirational article from to get you geared up for riding outdoors in the winter.
Click here for article.

Here is additional practical advice, because it takes some considerations to ride in snowy, icy, slippery conditions. So before you set off…

Flat pedals. You may sacrifice some efficiency–but you are buying some get out of jail extra
control if things go wrong.

Get down! Lower your seat to lower your center of gravity. It will be easier to get your feet down flat should you suddenly need to use your God-given stabilizers.

Baby it’s cold outside! Add an extra layer on top of what you normally wear in winter. The state of the roads means a slower than normal riding pace and lowered levels of generated heat.

Pay attention to hands and feet. Overshoes, thermal socks and winter boots; keep hands warm. Cold hands and feet make for a very unpleasant ride. Good gloves and liners along with covers over brake levers and grips (of flat bars) reduce wind chill to hands and the chilling effect on metal brake levers and bars (metal conducts cold very efficiently).

Keep away from the curb. Riding too close limits room for maneuvering; besides, it is where road crap accumulates. If you fall, you don’t want to be within range of a curb.

Give yourself longer to stop. It takes longer to stop or slow down on icy surfaces. It is going to take other people longer to slow down too.

Don’t panic! Keep your head, neck and shoulders relaxed – what you don’t want is to stiffen up and get twitchy… twitchiness causes problems.

Properly equipped, riding in ice and snow is good fun–really. You won’t get a medal for it, so if you think conditions are tough, give yourself a break, stay at home, and noodle around your favorite cycle website… hopefully it’s LiNiTo Cycle.

Now that we’ve posted this, it should start warming up any minute! Right? In the meantime if you have winter riding tips, share so we can share with everyone else!

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