All I Want for Christmas?

….seriously? Already?

It’s hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner, especially since El Nino is keeping temperatures warmer here in the Midwest–we are definitely not complaining! This is the perfect time to get a jump start on your Christmas shopping.  We want to share gift ideas for the bicycle enthusiast in your life–items that are sure to be appreciated by making their ride more comfortable or displaying their love of all things bicycle.
Safety First! 
A bike bell is a must-have. You can go simple or stylish–the sound will enchant and alert people who share your riding path. Check out the Mirrycle Incredibell on the LiNiTo Cycle Shop page.
Lights and reflectors are lightweight and surprisingly bright–assuring you will be seen. They fit all bicycles and are quick and easy to attach. Check out the Planet Bike Tail and Headlight Set or LED strap light on the LiNiTo Cycle Shop page.
Next up, Security!
Locks are mandatory for security. They can be stored on the bike or in bike bags for long rides, or worn on the rider when bouncing from spot to spot. Check out the Kryptonite Keeper on the LiNiTo Cycle Shop page.
Purposeful Style!
Sweet padded cycling gloves are available in various sizes to fit most so you can’t go wrong. Check out the Push Bike Gloves on the LiNiTo Cycle Shop page.
A pannier is a great item for urban cyclists or those who commute to and from work. A basket adds a ‘homey’ touch, can double as a seat for small pets, and ladies absolutely LOVE it.  Bike racks and bags add much needed storage for longer trips. Check out the LiNiTo Cycle Shop page for these are more.
The absolute best gift–a NEW bicycle!
We have a line of terrific and very cool 3G beach cruisers in all speeds, styles and colors. They will have you and/or your loved one looking great while riding off into the sunset…once spring arrives!  (we’re eternal optimists) Interested in riding through the winter on a fat tire bike?  We have those available too!
Final thoughts…
Consider putting together a basket of bicycle theme goodies, or better yet buy a bicycle basket and fill it with items. You may want to include a LINITO CYCLE GIFT CERTIFICATE so you can give the gift of bike service or tune up! Contact LiNiTo Cycle for gift ideas and much more as you make out your Holiday Shopping and Wish Lists! If there’s something that you’re looking for that you don’t see on our website, let us know. We can usually order it and have it to you within a couple of days…and at a price much lower than most other stores!

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