btdbackgroundAdios cars and hello LSD!

Are you interested in participating in a longer, supported bicycle ride? Sign up for Bike the Drive, May 24, 2015! Early sign-up means that you’ll save $ on your registration.

Bike the Drive is not a race. It is a really cool celebration of bike riding. You can start as early as 5:30 AM, as late as 9:00 AM, and choose multiple distances–anywhere from 7 miles to 60 miles (if you start early enough). You will see every kind of bike and every kind of rider, from small kids on bikes with training wheels to racers in training speeding in designated fast lanes, and lots of average riders going at average speed. The best part: 30 miles of uninterrupted Lake Shore Drive. No cars, no intersections, wide roads, and smooth asphalt. There are snacks at the rest stops! Fruit, cookies, mini-muffins! Restrooms! Water!

The event raises money for ActiveTrans which advocates to make bicycling, walking and public transit safe, convenient and fun. Join LiNito Cycle and sign up now at See you bright and early on Sunday, May 24 at Bike the Drive!

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