Fat TireThere are people out there who are unstoppable when it comes to bike riding. Maybe they are adventure or gear junkies; or maybe they just want to ride their bikes come rain or come shine…er, or snow. Fat bikes are all the rage for riding in snow. The 4″ wide (or more) wheels can be run at low pressure and will subtly “float” on snow or plow through slush on road and trail. Add another Chicago Snowpocalypse year (not saying it will, but just in case), and these fat boys may be just the thing to keep avid riders happy. Click here to learn more about winter riding.

4 thoughts on “Bike for Life!”

  1. Hello!, can i ask, are those photos yours or downloaded some photo banks?
    I am sorry for my poor english, neverthless
    i believe that you anyway understand my question.

    1. No worries, your English is fine! Most of the photos on the website are mine. I do ‘borrow’ some if I’m writing about a particular topic that I don’t have pictures for. Is there any one in particular that you are wondering about?

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