A is for air. How are those tires? Are they inflated to the recommended PSI on the sidewall? Proper inflation adds to safety and makes the bicycle easier to ride. Also, check for visible damage. If your tires are worn or threadbare, replacing them is a safety measure well worth the price.

B is for brakes. Stopping is good. When you pull your brake, is it firm? Do you have at least 1″ between the lever and your bar at the innermost point? Also, check your brakepads for wear. You should have at least 1/4″ of pad.

C is for crank, chain, cassette. If your chain is bad, your ride will be bad. Loose chains can skip and fall off the cassette. They make shifting awkward. Are your cranks secure? There should be no noticeable sided to side movement. If you see either of these signs, fix it.

If you have quick release wheel levers, make sure they’re closed and tight.

One last check. Hop on and ride around the lot, your driveway, whatever. Does the bike feel road-worthy?

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