Clean Motion Sonika Bluetooth handlebar speakerWe rarely tout an item we have for sale because our customers pretty much know what they want and need. As avid cyclists ourselves, we try to anticipate what we think is useful, helpful, etc.

But then, every so often, a really cool item falls into our hands that we just have to talk about!  People love to bring their tunes with them, whether it’s WDCB jazz, Google Music, or your own phone jams. We see a lot of people connected to their phones by earbuds, which is a dangerous way to ride. You need to be aware of your surroundings and have your wits about you–so your eyes and ears need to be engaged. Enter the compact, durable Clean Motion Sonika Bluetooth handlebar speaker! This adorable little cutie mounts easily and sounds terrific! (We have one in the shop) Here are the stats:

  • 15-25 foot range from transmitting device
  • 6-8 hrs play time (re-chargeable litium ion battery)
  • Can play music from bluetooth and cable connection as well as SD card port for recorded tunes
  • Silicone mounting for easy installation and removal from any handlebar size
  • Includes charging cable, carry strap, and handle bar mount

Stop by and check one out today!

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