3CsHi everyone!

It is officially Fall, but it appears Summer is not quite ready to quit on us–much to our delight! We hope you are out enjoying the gorgeous bike riding weather as much as we are!  We were lucky enough to close shop early today and head out for a nice long ride. As we headed west on the beautiful Illinois Prairie Path in Lombard and approached Main Street, at which time we stopped to watch for traffic to clear, a woman rode past us right into the intersection without stopping! She cut off a school bus heading northbound and a truck and van heading southbound. We held our breath in disbelief that she was not hit. Fortunately for her, the drivers of all vehicles were alert enough to stop before seriously injuring her…or others.
Can someone please tell us what might have been going on in her mind to endanger herself and potentially others like that?
Those of you who may say she had the right of way–are 100% wrong.
Okay, I am stepping off my soap box for a moment. Seeing the woman ride right into the intersection reminded me of something I recently heard on the radio that I would like to share–3Cs of bicycle safety:
  1. CAUTION: Do not assume motorists will stop for you. In the eyes of the law, a cyclist on the road has the same rights and responsibilities as motorists–stop for stop signs, signal turns and wait for traffic to clear before crossing a street.
  2. COURTESY: Use verbal cues or a bike bell to alert people you are passing them. If you need a bell, contact LiNiTo Cycle; we can set you up with the bell of your choice.
  3. COMMON SENSE: Cars weigh over 2 tons. The average bicycle rider on their bike weighs 200 pounds. Do the math. Bicyclists will never win over a motorist. See #1.
Our hope is our family, friends and customers read and share this posting. You are all near and dear to us, and we want to keep you safe. Selfishly, we want to keep seeing all of you for a long, long time!

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