Where's Linito?

Congratulations to Emily P. who was the first person to correctly guess that we were in Lombard on the Illinois Prairie Path stopped and waiting to cross at Main Street.

We’re holding off on posting a new picture today to bring you this timely public service announcement. This may look familiar to some of our followers, but we believe that it’s a message worth sharing often. Please share this with your friends, family, co-workers and anyone else that you know who rides a bike.

It is officially spring and we’ve been blessed with some gorgeous riding weather. We hope you are out enjoying the this great bike riding weather as much as we are!  We’ve were lucky enough to head out the last couple of weekends and enjoy some nice long rides.
Those of you who may think that I had the right of way and shouldn’t have had to stop at Main Street–are 100% wrong. Those stop signs (and those at other intersections on the trails) are there for a reason, and the message should be clear…STOP!
I would once again like to share–3Cs of bicycle safety:
  1. CAUTION: Do not assume motorists will stop for you. In the eyes of the law, a cyclist on the road has the same rights and responsibilities as motorists–stop for stop signs, signal turns and wait for traffic to clear before crossing a street.
  2. COURTESY: Use verbal cues or a bike bell to alert people you are passing them. If you need a bell, contact LiNiTo Cycle; we can set you up with the bell of your choice.
  3. COMMON SENSE: Cars weigh over 2 tons. The average bicycle rider on their bike weighs 200 pounds. Do the math. Bicyclists will never win over a motorist. See #1.
Our hope is our family, friends and customers read and share this posting. You are all near and dear to us, and we want to keep you safe. Selfishly, we want to keep seeing all of you for a long, long time!

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