Where's LiNiTo?
This week’s picture should be an easy one for our regular followers. We’re having a little fun and decided to change things up a bit this week. The first five people to correctly guess where we are, like the facebook post, and share it on their facebook page (we’ll be checking) will be entered into a drawing for a Pedro’s Pig Pen Drivetrain Maintenance Kit ($40.00 value). This kit is perfect for maintaining a clean drivetrain, which is essential for safe, smooth riding. The winner will also receive one of our t-shirts! Good luck to all of you!

1. Like LiNiTo Cycle on Facebook (if you haven’t already done so)
2. Every Monday, check our Facebook page to see the link to our website with our most recent posting ‘Where’s LiNiTo Cycle?’ .
3. Identify where the picture of the week was taken (hint: most of them will be taken on the trails around the western suburbs–IPP, Great Western, Salt Creek–but you never know!) You should identify the trail and nearest cross street.
4. Add a comment to the facebook posting with your answer.
5. Enter as many times as you want to, but only one winner per household per month! The first person to correctly identify where Linito was will receive the gorgeous LiNiTo Cycle t-shirt! These t-shirts are great SPF protection when you’re out riding on these sunny summer days days, or for wiping the trail dust off your bike after a ride.

We will continue to post pictures of our travels here and also continue to give our swell t-shirts away, so be sure to check Linito’s Facebook page every Monday and tell us where we’re at.

3 thoughts on “Where’s LiNiTo? – July 10, 2017”

    1. Okay I was wrong. You are on Central W going West approaching Ardmore. The prairie path is over your left shoulder. This is in Villa Park.

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