midwestNo guessing today. This one is on us.  We are at the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans (MSHV), located at 433 S. Carlton Ave. in Wheaton.  We want to share what this special organization offers our veterans, our heroes.

Their Mission is simple: To end veteran homelessness in northeast Illinois and our neighboring communities, so that no person who has defended our homes goes without a home.

Their Vision is clear: To ensure that no veteran is left behind due to homelessness, joblessness, poverty and/or mental-health issues. Their desire is to ease suffering for veterans and their families and to empower veterans to become productive members of their communities.

Their Services are honorable: Supportive Housing, Support Services for Veteran Families, Veteran Employment, and Freedom Commissary. LiNito Cycle visited the MSHV in Wheaton and met and talked with some of the program coordinators. The moment we walked in was welcoming, with a very ‘can do’ environment.

It takes a lot of caring, planning, hard work and dedication to provide this type of compassionate, intensive, and personalized care to homeless and at-risk veterans. The MSHV receives much of their funding by actively pursuing competitive federal grants. Donations are always welcomed and are an integral part of the success of the organization, and volunteers also help fulfill their mission.

As we near the Fourth of July, a time when we celebrate proudly with patriotic displays and parades, honor and thank every member of our U.S. military who answered the call to duty defending our home, our liberty, and our freedom–take a moment to read about the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans and the services they offer: http://www.helpaveteran.org/  Please consider helping out this worthy cause any way possible.

From LiNiTo Cycle, we hope everyone has a happy and safe Fourth of July.

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